Great job!! I know you both had to work triple time to get this up and running on our scheduled date! I am very pleased with the outcome... I look forward to seeing the other items added weekly and more importantly, I look forward to the new punchout system becoming operational.

  • Donna Grover - Marketing Director
  • Aetna

Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank You so very much for all your continued help.

  • Roy Gibson
  • Pinkerton Security

Thank you so much! You have have been so helpful, I couldn't have finished this project without you.

  • John Yanek
  • ING Financial

Thanks for all your help on this...it's definitely above and beyond the call of duty!! Please let me know if I've missed anything.

  • Tori Hunter
  • Aetna

One of my problems is I never have enough time to thank or show appreciation to those I work with. But this time , I had to take the time to thank JMA for stepping up to the plate on my recent order. I messed up on my initial order and only realized it a week prior to my conference/presentation. I wanted to communicate to you my appreciation for all the phone calls and leg work you immediately provided to rectify my situation. The conference was over 900 Aetna Sales People from across the country. It was a huge success and I feel JMA had a lot to do with it from my standpoint. Although the order was a small one and only magnets and bag tags, they were very instrumental to my presentation. I hope JMA realizes what an excellent, hard working and professional company you have. Thanks so much and I hope we can do business again in the near future. I will certainly spread the word in my organization of your efforts. Thanks again.

  • Richard Schlichting
  • Aetna

Thanks again. I feel very fortunate to have you as my contact at John Michael Associates. I wish there were someone like you in every location I have to do business with (including some departments within Aetna).

  • Linda Abel
  • Aetna